SoulArt Visions

Awakening & Aligning


About SoulArt Visions

Kiri taps into your Soul patterning to connect with a unique Soul Aspect.   Then whilst connected to this Soul Aspect, she creates your unique SoulArt Vision through the medium of fractal art.



Your unique SoulArtVision contains codes and frequencies that are designed to infuse you with the qualities of this Soul Aspect for expansion into a deeper expression of YOU.

Once your SoulArt Vision is created, Kiri then allows the guidance from the SoulArt to come through in written form.



Your SoulArt Vision is a one-off design which can take many hours to create and is printed on the highest quality Glossy Photo Paper.  They are NOW AVAILABLE in A3 Size as well as A4 Size.  You will receive written Activation instructions on how to use your SoulArt Vision

Payment is required prior to the SoulArt Vision being created.  No refunds are available once the SoulArt Vision has been commenced.

See above images for some recent examples of SoulArt Visions.

To Order your Unique, channeled SoulArt Vision with written Guidance

NOW ONLY $110.oo Aus A4 size (plus Pack & Post $10)

NEW A3 size – $135.oo (plus Pack & Post $10)

click here or go to Contact Page


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