SoulArt Visions

What are  SoulArt Visions?

Soul Art Visions are individualised unique fractal images (illuminators)  that hold patterns and Codes to awaken, activate and align you with a particular Quality or Vibration that the heart desires for a deeper expression and remembrance of YOU.

How are SoulArt Visions created?

SoulArt Visions are created using a digital Fractal program.  In Resonance with my own  Soul Matrix, I open a doorway into  the Soul vibrations, patterns and codes of a person, initially through their birth name and date of birth. Then I connect with the chosen  Quality, Vibration and/or Intention described on the Order Form.  In this state, I begin the creation of the SoulArt Vision.  It is created from the highest vibrations of us both beyond mind.  Once the creation of the SoulArt Vision is complete, I then bring through the written guidance that will accompany the Vision.

Can you share some examples of Qualities, Vibrations or Intentions?

As well, a chosen Quality, Vibration or other intention may also be included when ordering. For example, a Quality or Vibration may include Creativity, Compassion, Integration, Wellness, Clairvoyance, Wholeness, Surrender. An Intention may include “My intention is to Let Go”, “My intention is to heal ________”, “My intention is to let go of the limiting beliefs about _________”, “My intention is to connect with my purpose more deeply”…

How long does it take to create the SoulArt Vision and written guidance?

A SoulArt Vision can take many hours and may depend on a number of factors including how flowing the Soul field is and my connection to this. As the SoulArt Vision is created within only the highest vibrations, I must at times wait until I can connect through an open doorway into these vibrations.

What do I  Receive?

Each individual SoulArt Vision is printed on A3 size high quality glossy photographic paper because of the high reflection of light.  The Vision is usually multi-coloured and can be framed if desired. Each  SoulArt Vision comes with written guidance.  You will Activation instructions on how to use your SoulArt Vision will be included in your shipment. The SoulArt Vision will be packed in a authorised Post Cyclinder (made from strong cardboard) to prevent damage during shipping.

How is Payment made?

Payment is made via PayPal (unless I agree to a direct debit arrangement) and is required prior to the SoulArt Vision being created.  No refunds or returns are available once a SoulArt Vision has commenced.    Click here to ORDER

INVESTMENT :       $AUD 140.oo plus $AUD10.oo Post & Pack

See Galleries for examples of SoulArt

Click here to ORDER



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