Gallery 1 – Nine Dimensions

These illuminators are designed to enhance your connection to each of the Nine Dimensions (as writtene about by Barbra Hand Clow)To ACTIVATE the energy of each of these cards, visually connect with the image then breath the energy into and around your body with the intent to activate and repattern your connection to that Dimension.  Placing the cards on your body whilst laying down will activate all the dimensions at once.  Remember these are powerful activations and it is suggested that at first you work with each ILLUMINATOR separately until you KNOW that the energies have been activated and repatterned.

It is recommended that the Nine Dimensions illuminators are purchased as a set.


Click  here to go to Order Page

1D - Ancient Source
2D - Alchemist
3D - Earth Mandala
4D - Healing Rays
5D - Labyrinth of Love
6D - Sacred Geometry
7D - Echoes
8D - Light Freuencies
9D - Galactic Connections

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