Shifting Sands

Soul Code Activations support individuals to awaken, activate and align with unique codes and patterning that anchor a deeper Resonance with Self. These Codes and Patterns are high vibrational frequencies often dormant, inactive or blocked by non-integrated Soul Aspects.  They are held within the Soul Matrix, awaiting remembering.

Soul Code Activation sessions are designed to awaken, activate and align the codes and patterns that you are ready to anchor in your everyday life that support you to express an expanded, deeper state of Being, YOU.

Each session is unique and begins with the setting of Intention to explore, integrate and remember.  This opens a doorway within your Soul Matrix where I will be guided to explore and integrate Soul Aspects that have been fragmented from the whole.  This releases old patterns and contracts, no longer required for your evolution.  Once this is complete, codes and patterns will be awakened, activated and aligned within the Soul Field.

During the session, you will drift into a deep state of relaxation to receive.  Tools that I use include the codes and patterns of SoulArt and Harmonic Light Codes images, vibrations of Sound, Light, Crystals and Aroma. 


Individual Sessions are available in person ONLY.  Click here to complete contact form under Soul Code  Activation section

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