The Fractal Heart

Soul Code Activations

Soul Template Repatterning


Soul Code Activations – Repatterning

Soul Code Activations assist individuals to release old patterning (paradigms) from their Soul Field and anchor and activate Codes (new paradigms).  These Codes are high vibrational frequencies that are awaiting activation by each individual so they may fulfill their destiny in this current lifetime.

Kiri receives guidance from Source and the Soul energies of the individual.

Individual Sessions

During an Individual Session Kiri connects with your unique Soul Code, initially releasing any old patterning (including old beliefs, emotional loops, past life anchors).  You are then connected with new Codes to assist in moving you forward into fulfillment of your Heart’s Desire in this lifetime.   Kiri brings into these sessions the frequencies of Sound & Light, including Language of Light, Tuning Forks, Colour, Crystals, Aroma and FractalArt creations.

Individual Sessions are available in person or by SKYPE.  Phone Kiri on 0407 564 593

New Paradigms of Co-Creation

As part of her focus on her unique Infinite Soul Doorways activations, Kiri anchors energies of new paradigms of co-creation for these amazing times.  As the energies are activated within her, Kiri is guided to create through the medium of fractal art these powerful activations for repatterning your Soul Templates with these new energies.

It is necessary for you to release the old patterning prior to  activating the new paradigms of co-creation within your Soul energy field.  Kiri can assist you to release the old paradigms related to the activations below via distance, phone or in-person sessions.   Click here to go to Contact Page

In consciously releasing old paradigms that have held you individually and collectively within old ways of being, you will find the joy of manifesting through the power of co-creation with your Soul energies and with others.


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