About KIRI

The Fractal Heart

About KIRI

Visionary Artist, Activator & Journeyer


Hello.  My name is Kiri Brennan.

My passion is the creation of inspirational Visual Art & Sound to bring beauty, harmony and grace into everyday life.   Through my creations and continuing evolution, it is my vision to  assist others to awaken, align and create higher vibrational realities, downloading the codes and frequencies for BEING PURPOSEFUL and ON SOUL every day.  It is my delight to assist in opening doorways to new and ever expanding realities, creating connections to your highest potential.

My journey as a healer began in mid 1990, when I began to study, then practice and teach Aromatherapy and Reiki, discovering a contentment and connection that I had never experienced before.   I had found my purpose (which continues to evolve and grow).  In the late 90’s I moved from my work as a middle manager in Human Services to a world of ever unfolding adventures and opportunities.

In 1998, whilst attending a community singing afternoon one day, I began to ‘sing like an angel’ and it was only when I became conscious that everyone was silent around me that I realised I had been channeling what I can only describe as the purest loving energy from the angelic realms.   This was the beginning of my path into Sacred Sounds.    My passion for the healing power of Sound & Colour has evolved from my own deep and lasting healing experiences.

Over time, I have realised that my voice is a channel of multi-dimensional sounds including the Language of Light, the most ancient language of the universe.     These sounds contain messages and codes for activations and healing at the deepest levels and encode each of my FractalArt Creations.

My passion for visual art was activated by my personal experience of art for expression and meditation.   This has led me to explore my expression through intuitive guide portraits and mandalas.   I then discovered and now delight in the medium of fractal art.This combines the abstract, the colour and the imagination that allows me to channel these beautiful and dynamic designs for activations and healing and for the sheer joy of creative expression.

Each illuminator and SoulArt Vision is encoded with multi-dimensional frequencies for activation of unique Soul qualities and gifts.

Through my personal experiences of the vibrational qualities within my fractal art, I was guided to create  and provide Intuitive Soul readings from my own unique ‘Dimensions of Light’ Oracle Cards.  I no longer offer Readings as I will now assist people to make their own connections for inner guidance.

I have traveled extensively within Australia,  America and more recently Europe and New Zealand with a special focus on connecting with the sacred earth energies, the elements and the Devic kingdom.  Between 2005-2006, I was guided to make Essences of the Elements at 5 sacred sites around the planet and these are available for purchase.

Having  been initiated into the MUNAY-KI Nine Rites in 2010, I occasionally offer these Initiations to Groups who are drawn to connect with the “Earthkeeoers”, luminous beings who are protecting the well-being of this planet.

I follow my heart’s desire to awaken, align and create, assisting individuals and groups to  open doorways to new and ever expanding realities  and connections to their SOUL HEART.

May your heart sing


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