Our whole purpose in being human at this time is to REMEMBER who we truly are … magnificent, vast and ever evolving.  Fractals are a reflection of this magnificence, with their infinite and every expanding energies.  Fractals reflect light as does Consciousness.  As we explore the inner world of Consciousness,  light is revealed as an ever-expanding weaving of our heart and soul into the expression of who we are now.

FRACTALS are unique because they are infinite in their patterns and the vibrations they create.  Everywhere you look in nature, you can behold the infinite properties of fractals … from the symmetry of a tree, the intricacies of a flower, to the variety of shapes of cloud formations.

My great joy in creating these beautiful images is the infinite nature of these amazing geometrical designs and the vibrational frequencies they hold and emit. Each Fractal ïlluminator” holds codes and patterns that activates and encodes new vibrations and frequencies that aligns you within the Resonance of your Being.

Soul Art Visions are individualised unique fractal images that hold unique Codes to awaken, activate and align with a particular Soul Aspect chosen by the person or intuited at the time of creation.  The individual SoulArt Vision and written guidance is then created, sometimes taking many hours …  Read more ….

Shifting Sands
Soul Code Activations
Soul Code Activations support individuals to awaken, activate and align with unique codes and patterning that allow a deeper Resonance to anchor. Each session is unique and includes SoulArt, Harmonic Light Codes images, vibrations of Sound, Light and Crystals and .... Read more ...
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SoulArt Gallery
The SoulArt Gallery is divided into specific categories. Each category displays "illuminators" that hold vibrational frequencies and codes to illuminate qualities and energies. To receive the activation of the codes held within an "illuminator", you tune in visually, then sense it spinning through your energy bodies until it seems complete ... Read more ...