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FRACTALS are unique because they are infinite! Part of KIRI’S great joy in creating these beautiful images is the infinite nature of these amazing geometrical designs.  Everywhere you look in nature, you can behold the infinite properties of fractals – from the symmetry of a tree, the intricacies of a spider’s web, to the variety of shapes of cloud formations.

Our whole purpose in being human at this time is to activate our highest potential through CONSCIOUSNESS, HEART AND CREATIVITY.  When we are flowing in our creative endeavours we are truly in touch with our Soul potential

Through fractal art, Kiri combines the ABSTRACT, COLOUR and IMAGINATION to create these beautiful and dynamic Fractal Art Creations – Art to activate your Highest Potential.

Each SoulArt illuminator and SoulArt Vision has a unique energy signature which activates and encodes new vibrations and frequencies into the users energy field.


Make your heart sing with an

Inspirational Fractal Art Creation

Kiri’s mission is to illuminate pathways for transformation

with Fractal Art Creations and MORE …


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